Custom Fabrication Shop with Real Estate

For Sale 160,000 Fabricating, Manufacturing and Processing

2020 Revenue: $407,086

2020 Operating Profit: $77,395

Summary Description

This fabrication shop was deemed essential and remained opened during the pandemic.  The Company specializes in designing and building unique pieces for its customers.  Products range from structural to decorative projects to include railings, gates, trellises, spiral stairs, columns, countertops, furniture, sculptures and more for residential and commercial customers.

The Company had a 2% increase in operating profit margin in 2020 compared to 2019.

The location is centrally located to the market it serves.  The real estate is available for sale with the business at $300,000.

General Information

Employees: 5 full-time employees

Facilities: Just under half an acre and two buildings, including office, shop and warehousing

Location:  Florida

Further information

Market Outlook
Growth and Expansion:  Serving one of the fastest growing and most affordable coastal markets in Florida.  Significant growth can be achieved through increasing staff.

About the Sale:
Support and Training: Will be provided by the seller.

For further information, a confidentiality disclosure agreement is required. Please contact us for an agreement at or 850-432-0808.