Successful Tree Service Business

Sold 4,050,000 Service

2019 Revenue: $3,960,454

2019 Operating Profit: $1,557,272

Summary Description

The Company is tree specialists equipped and ready to provide tree removal, tree trimming and other tree care services to commercial and residential communities with no customer concentrations.  Top quality work and superior customer service have led to a solid customer base and top reputation in the industry.  The Company runs smoothly in the owner’s absence.

The financials show year over year growth.

General Information

Employees: 22 full-time employees

Facilities:  The Company owns property in a central location to store the equipment and vehicles.  The property is available for lease or sale.  Administrative duties can be performed anywhere.

Location:  NW Florida

Further information

Market Outlook
Growth and Expansion:  Growth can be achieved through increasing marketing.

About the Sale: ,
Support and Training: Will be provided by the seller.

Reason Selling: To have more time to spend with family.

For further information, a confidentiality disclosure agreement is required. Please contact us for an agreement at or 850-432-0808.