Up to 4 Units Available of Fast Casual Restaurant (National Pizza Concept)

For Sale Food Related

Annual Revenue*: $4,500,000

Projected EBITDA*:  $374,000

Summary Description

  • AUV $1.1 million*
  • Located in Texas
  • Best in Class Concept for Category
  • All USA Territories Sold Out

General Information

Franchisee is very successful in a well-known, emerging pizza brand that is on target for revenues of over $4.5 million in 2019 and a projected EBITDA over $374,000.  Recent sales comps are extraordinarily positive due to new delivery system.  This emerging brand is the category leader and has sold out all territories in the USA with strong marketing and brand awareness.

Further information

Real Estate & Facilities:

Each inline and endcap restaurant is located in highly visible areas with strong traffic generators with easy access from major roads and highways.

*Based on 2019 Proforma from September 30, 2019 financials.

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