What you need to know

Selling a Business

Decision to Sell: You have worked hard to build your business and now you are ready to sell to pursue other interests or retire and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  This decision in itself is a major step.  You are ready to realize the full value of your company.  GAI will meet with you and work hard to understand the details about the operation and organization of your business.  We believe that the more we know about you and your business, the better we can help.

Valuation: GAI will help you arrive at a price with terms that accommodate your financial objectives.  Nothing is more critical to the sale of your business than a competitive price.  We evaluate standard measures such as assets, revenue, profits and cash flow, and the factors unique to your business such as growth, competition, location, customer goodwill, the terms of sale and many other items.

Company Profile: We will prepare a complete, professional profile of your business to highlight the essential aspects of your company.  The report includes the history of your business and descriptions of your facilities, operations, organization, financial data, marketing, and all other pertinent information that will enhance the sale of your business.

Marketing Program: Our proven techniques and strategies will support selling your business for the best possible price in the shortest feasible time.  We discreetly use personal contacts, selective telemarketing, targeted direct mail, brochures and online advertising.  We also search for prospects in our up-to-date data file of individuals and groups who are actively seeking to buy a business in your profession or industry.

Screening and Confidentiality: GAI carefully screens potential buyers for your business in both financial and professional suitability.  We provide confidentiality during the sale process, so you can maintain the uninterrupted continuation of your operation which is very important in getting the full value for your business.  Your information will not be disclosed to prospective purchasers until we have made an initial determination that the purchaser represents that he or she is qualified and capable of completing the purchase of your business.  All potential purchasers must sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement.  This agreement requires them to maintain the confidentiality of any information that is provided to them regarding your business.

Site Visits and Support: GAI arranges discreet presentations of your business at times convenient for you.  We provide you with sound and creative support throughout the negotiations to keep the process moving to a successful closing.

Negotiations: GAI evaluates all offers and submits them to you with response recommendations.  Negotiating becomes the next step in making sure that your company is sold for full value.  During the negotiating stage of the sale, GAI leverages the hidden value and finds strengths to overcome weaknesses in your business.  At this time, we bring to the table your ideas of immediate compensation, financing and/or future participation in the profitability of the business.

Closing: GAI assists the buyer and seller through the close of the purchase, including arranging the escrow and working with the attorneys, accountants, Small Business Administration lenders, landlords, regulators, or whoever is required to ensure a smooth transition. You experience both highs and lows during the above steps in the selling process and possibly six months or more may have passed, but using the above techniques you can systematically get to the finish line and realize your dream of successfully selling your business!