Are you staying on track during the summer to reach your end of the year goals?

Summer is a challenging time.  Trying to maintain a full workforce with employee vacations makes it difficult to work on your plan to add value to your business.  However, to make sure your company is on track to reach its goals for 2019, summer can be a great time to review your company’s first six months performance and compare it to the first six months of the previous year.  As you analyze where your company stands in relation to its goals, consider the following:

  • Are your objectives still relevant?
  • Is the priority still the same for each objective?
  • Are the same amount of resources necessary to reach your targets?
  • Are you spending significant funds on certain projects with little return?  If so, redirect your time and money to where it will be more productive.
  • Reward the customer and vendor relationships that have been the most beneficial to your business in the first six months.
  • Include your management and sales team in your review meeting.  Your employees are key to making your business successful.  This meeting will provide a great opportunity to receive feedback from key employees and to make adjustments that are necessary to finish the year strong.

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