Determine your worth


One of the first comments we hear from a seller is I have no idea what my business is worth.  We provide Calculation Reports, which are an extensive review of the financial history of the business, to determine the market price.  This report is useful as a benchmark to expand or grow the company as well as develop an exit plan.  Buyers who have targeted a business to purchase find the report a key tool in determining a reasonable offer.

We begin with an analysis of the company’s financial statements and tax returns.  Next, we review the comparables of similar sales in the industry and derive a pricing model value for the business taking into consideration the future profit potential and the current climate for the industry.  We also provide a financial scenario which shows that the price should be accepted by lenders if financing is needed.  When we have finished the report, we schedule another meeting at which time we discuss with you our findings.  You will be presented a printed copy of our report.