Exit Planning

Strategize your business goals

You have worked hard to build your business and now you’re are ready to start planning for your retirement. We can help you find the right buyer for your business that will build upon the legacy you have created. We have designed this process to be completed with the utmost confidentiality and the transition to be as smooth as possible for both you and the buyer.

Below is an outline of the process to give you a brief understanding of what we do and what you can expect.


Determine business value using multiple approaches to arrive at a business price for planning purposes. It is not to be used for tax or other litigation purposes. These limited valuations are referred to as a Calculation Report and are useful for determining a likely price a buyer is willing to pay for your business.

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to assist, advise and mentor you in developing an exit strategy which will prepare you and the business for an eventual transition.

Business Sales

  • Planning to Sell – The most popular approaches to selling your business may not be the best ones for you.  Our firm explores several alternative methods to discover the right fit for you and your company.  Next, we chart how to reach your stated goals.  We determine how long it will likely take and what action steps will be required.
  • Discreet Marketing – This step typically includes executive summaries, comprehensive business memorandums, financial recasting, preparation of financial statements, advertising, prospecting, qualifying, presentations, selling strategy and site visits.
  • Support – We confidentially work throughout the selling process from the initial visit with the buyer to the closing of the business sale.   We negotiate with the buyer to maintain your favorable pricing, terms and conditions.  For the buyer, we assist to find satisfactory financing.   We help the buyer and seller through a successful due diligence process while gathering all documents needed for the lender along with the proper legal documents needed for a successful closing.