Building your Brand

Focus on Building your Brand.  It is interesting to note that customers are willing to pay more for brands that they know and recognize.  The perception is that well-known brands, both products and services, have more value.  How do you build and formulate a brand?  What is the process?  Where do you start your story?  From our experience, when asked about going through the process of developing a brand, our team: Kasey, Beth and I, can verify that rebranding is transformative.

Why?  It requires you to focus on who you are as a company and where you want to go.  It forces you to focus on all aspects of your business from your name to your logo to your marketing material to how you want to acquire your customers.  It takes effort and some introspection.

How?  We hired a branding and marketing consultant.  Paying someone to help you motivates you to get serious.  We started with creating a new logo to identify the image we wanted to portray.  Next, we developed a new website followed by updating marketing material to display the direction we wanted the company to go.  We did not take this project lightly; we spent about six months in various meetings and discussions to make certain our rebranding was right.

Building a brand can be an exhilarating experience.  Take time to have meaningful conversations with all your employees and stakeholders to get their input.  These conversations, when combined with focus and effort, can help lead you in the right direction to create the brand that showcases your company’s products or services.  It has been noted that companies that create distinctive brand images also tend to be more profitable.

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