Coastal Lifestyle & Clothing Store; 10+ Year Old Retailer Near Beach

For Sale 850,000 Retail

2021 Revenue: $1,425,827
2021 Operating Profit: $318,036

Summary Description

2022 Revenue through August 31: $789,202
2022 Operating Profit through August 31: $158,103

This is a great opportunity to become part of a top-rated coastal community in Northwest Florida.  For more than a decade, the store has built a reputation as the go-to spot for local residents to purchase gear for all outdoor hobbies, lifestyle name-brand clothing, and coastal home accessories, as well as gifts.  The store carries over 100 brands with exclusivity rights to several.  Repeat customers from the local community make up 60% of the customer base.   This store doesn’t rely on summer tourism and follows the same sales cycle as the retail industry, including increased holiday sales.

This is a well-established business as the owners have learned the right processes and procedures to succeed.  The customer demographic is upper-middle to upper-class women, men and children.  The owners are willing to provide training, consulting, and transition support to the new owner.

Inventory is not included in the sales price.

General Information

Employees: 3 full-time employees, 2 part-time employees

Facilities: Located in a high traffic corridor.  More than 4,000 sq ft of space housing a storefront, stockroom with office and kitchenette.

Location:  Northwest Florida

Further information

Market Outlook
Growth and Expansion:  Serving one of the fastest-growing markets in Florida.  Significant growth can be achieved through increasing online sales and expanding the product mix.

About the Sale:
Support and Training: Will be provided by the seller.


For further information, a confidentiality disclosure agreement is required. Please contact us for an agreement at or 850-432-0808.