What are your employees saying about your Company?

Sales generation is a very important value enhancer for your business.  If your company has annual revenue under $10 million, then every employee is a sales representative.  To prove this point, the following is a conversation that took place several years ago at my previous business.
Our receptionist answered a call, and our alert golf sales manager heard, no, we don’t stock 12” pipe.  This was technically true, but the sales manager knew that if someone needed 12” pipe it could be for a large job.  He yelled across the room, don’t hang up, as he rapidly rescued the call.
As it turned out, we quoted and sold the irrigation equipment for an 18-hole golf course!Training all your employees about your products and services is a necessity.  Your expectations should be very clear to all your staff.  It sounds basic, but everyone that works for your company should be ready to give a 30-second elevator pitch about your products and services.

Back to our receptionist and how this call could have been handled differently with the proper training.

The caller asked, do you stock 12” pipe?  Yes, I can get that information for you.  Before I transfer you, who am I talking with; what is your phone number in case our estimator is out of the office; is this quote for a particular job?  If so, we may have the information requested in the job file.
Bam! —now you have the information needed to possibly land a big job!Bottom line, spend the time to train your employees.  Reward them for their results and watch your profits grow as well as the confidence of your employees.

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